Dragon Grog

"I collaborate with natural people in attuning their energy and life experiences to exercise coordinated personal power. My training includes success as a Reiki Master, along with individual consulting."

~ Steu Mann

When I left project management at IBM Global Services, I taught high school science and earned a Masters in Curriculum Design at ASU, along with working on federal grants to fund programs I developed that trained educators in methods of using technology in classroom lessons.

I offer my experience and expertise to assist you in connecting with yourself to improve your natural talents of energy management, intuitive capabilities, and connecting with self-recognition.

My online business services services, and my self-enrichment coaching services are based on successful outcomes to augment your life experiences now and in the future.

"Processes of reason do not often reach knowledge of truth."
~ Wallace Wattles

My coaching and consulting services are goal-oriented in two directions.

One is to use methods and techniques to support the expansion and refinement of perceptions.

The second direction is to put in place cognitive and behavioral adjustments to build long-term success in the objectives identified during the course.

Power Your Projects With Infinite Mind.

Create and sustain your endeavors using your experience while building skills to accentuate wisdom and mastery.

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