Being aware of your power is the first step to excersing your power.

Being Aware

"Mans life is a progress, not a station. His instinct is trust."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

My three words for today …..

Forward, Open, Fun

The sunrise was beautiful hues of orange and pink this morning …..

I was contemplating the grace that brought me to this wonderful point in my life, for no reason really.

That I did NOT automatically go into an explanation with myself about the journey here, the why or the how of it all …. I was simply enjoying the morning and the breeze gently played with my senses and the sun continued to rise in splendid glory.... was a wonderful, potent insight.

Yes, i marvel in the moments, the experiences of NOW, where I simply AM enjoying …. without needing a reason of why to be happy that I am enjoying.

Which led me to a download about recognition that i want to share.

It seems to me, no matter what evolution or sage a person is in, we are all in some degree of “recognizing” life.

With me, I am at the point of knowing that I am the creator of my life - my experiences.

Conversely, I am aware of other people who think life does it to them.

And, I see others who are just in “default” mode, they are not aware - yet - that they recognize life.

No judgement, no right or wrong path.

I am content with where I am right now today.

Going further in this rabbit hole, as the knowing of our ability to recognize surfaces in ur awareness, we identify qualities in what we see - experience, any quality we want to see - we will see. Is the heart leading our vision or the mind leading our vision?

Clearly, no doubt about it, a tremendous quantity of personal power exists in the degree, the more one synthesizes, one live in the awareness of “recognizing” life.

“Anne and Bill, two hypnotists, hypnotized each other and created new worlds that needed zero verbal communication to experience and explore. The test of taste by one person transferred to another person, and more.
Holographic Universe by Talbot, page 144

“The world is nothing but an objectivized dream, whatever your powerful mind believes very intensely will come to pass.”
Autobiography of A Yogi by P. Yogananda, page153

Carlos Castaneda, Journey to Ixtlan, he is walking with shaman in desert at night and comes about an animal he has not seen, a beak for the mouth and ears of a wolf. The creature is screeching, he thinks it is dying, and he is mortified by the sound. He looks again and sees it is only a tree branch. He relates the story to a shaman, who says it was both ..... the creature alive with power while it was dying and the tree limb after death, in the knowing that both realities are real.
(page 156)

Date Published: 28 May, 2022

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