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How To Make Life Changes, Living In Ease

"Always protect yourself."
~ Clint Eastwood, Million Dollar Baby

Live a dynamic life discovering creative thinking and creative living to uncover your potential.

Recently, I was gently reminded of something extraordinary: the power to make life changes is within. You and I are already in the driver's seat of our life experiences, but many of us have forgotten how to grab the steering wheel.

Personal Power

The idea is simple; it's been written about in sacred texts for centuries. A natural law, not complicated, but in total opposition to our current education system and the values our society embraces.

With every thought we take in or release, there is a natural law at play.

It's referred to as the Law of Cause and Effect.

Some may immediately think of Newton when he talks about how for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

No, the law of cause and effect begins with your thinking and carries forward to be evidenced by what takes place around you in events, people, and your own feelings.

And that is the rub; it's about realizing that all that takes place in our lives stems from our thinking, in fact, our predominant thinking habits.

This is not the kind of power that abuses other people or is based on greed or corruption. The personal power I refer to is based on your skills in conviction, intuition, and contemplation. This power is the power to create your experiences and, thus, your life.


The good news is that you can alter your thinking habits. The bad news is that it requires inner work, which means it's not going to take place overnight.

Literally, changing your life, in one way or another, requires you to modify your thinking.

It would be great if our education system taught us this skill when we were young. But, at this point, it's going to take a lot of inner courage and concentration to reengineer your thoughts to bring about different outcomes and fresh manifestations in our living experience.


I found two remarkable books online a few weeks ago written by Horace Fletcher; you may want to look them up. One is Happiness is Found in Forethought Minus Fearthought, and the other is Menticulture.

The theme of his book is based on his hypothesis.

"The object of life is growth.

Harmony is a favorable and necessary condition for growth.

Harmony is the normal condition of nature, as proven by the unfailing and immediate response of growth to its influence.

Harmonic conditions are created by the removal of deterrents to growth.

The mind is the first essential in the growth of man. A healthy mind ensures a healthy body, and rational cultivation of the mind cannot fail to result in the attainment of the highest ideals.

All of the processes of nature are consistent, and man and mind are no exception to the rule regulating the growth of other things, except that their functions as chief assistants in evolution are unique and, therefore, involve greater responsibility.

Unselfishness is necessary to the harmonic condition of man, and service to fellow men is essential to his growth.

Happiness is the evidence and fruit of growth.

There can be no real happiness except in growth.

Acts are thoughts materialized, or—thoughts realized.

Forethought is an essential aid to growth.

Fear is the cause of all deterrents to growth in man.

Forethought minus fearthought is the ideal mental equipment.

Fear serves no useful purpose; neither is it a necessary infliction of intelligent, civilized manhood or womanhood."


If you have been doing inner work up to this point in life, you already realize that fear is the mind killer. Our mind is the source of creative energy by which we create our experience(s).

Make no mistake, it's directly connected with All That Is through our subconscious. So as we impress upon our subconscious, using our conscious thinking, aka new thought patterns that become new thinking habits, we are actually molding the clay that is our life.

The exciting news is that you can mold your clay any way you want. We have total freedom in that regard.

Conversely, not waking up to claim ownership of your power translates into a life destined to default.

In default mode, you are blown hither and yonder by random thoughts and random emotions.

Are you ready to recognize this natural law and begin to mold your life through your thinking and in collaboration with your willpower, conviction, and inner courage?

We are living in an amazing time as we watch global economic growth morph in new systems,along with an expansion in spiritual awareness all over the planet.

A shift toward peace and abundance to all is moving forward. I believe that those who awaken will be here to enjoy it and carry forth in refreshed lifestyles and pursuits that will benefit all of humanity.

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