Inspired Thinking

Only the few will undertake the tuning of thoughts by exercising willpower into their heart. Why?

Because thinking for yourself is difficult and requires skills not taught in education systems: simple logic integrated into critical thinking, and influenced by listening to inner wisdom.

Those qualities, or that process, relies on self courage - self confidence.

We are talking about a style of life which organically cultivates degrees of self confidence over time.

Living as an independent person means not being defeated by external influences since you recognize that life is driven by personal power that resides within. What resides within cannot be taken from you unless you allow it. And, of course, if you allow that to transpire you were/are not in your personal power mode.

Learning to trust our hunches, aka intuition, is a slippery slope until you begin to decipher the difference between a babbling mind, based in neurosis, versus authentic intuition.

My method is that I choose new ideas when I am stuck. The old ways - the babbling mind - got me to where I am but to move further in my path of expansion I must accept new perceptions - expanded perception(s) and most of the time this occurs as I embrace new ideas with specific intentions I create, along with the foundational understanding of discovering harmony in my life experience.

With a new idea/perception there are methods to run tests in order to prove that indeed this “new idea/perception” is TRUTH. Once that proof is lived by me, which means I must remain aware to recognize it, then I accept the new idea/perception.

Life is an amazing process. We have all the time we require to live the best path on our spiritual development.

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