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Clarity Amidst Chaos

Self Enrichment: Three Steps To Clarity

“The chick knows when it breaks through the self-centered isolation of its egg that the hard shell which covered it so long was not really a part of its life. That shell is a dead thing, it has no growth, it affords no glimpse whatever of the vast beyond that lies outside it.”
~ Rabindranath Tagore

Clarity is the brilliant jewel in my treasure chest that stands out above all other discoveries.

What I am calling clarity it the fired-up inspiration and grounded sense to drive forward on whatever the topic is that I am considering or contemplating.

What Is Clarity

Clarity is the brilliant jewel in my treasure chest that stands out above all other discoveries.

What I am calling clarity it the fired up inspiration and grounded sense to drive forward on whatever the topic may be.

Sure, I have had decades of choices I made - some good and some took me on a path I would later regret and many times have to unwind or extricate myself from. Those days are over.

For the last while I have reached a point within myself that delivers clarity without the dependancies of other people or events.

What I mean about “clarity” is it’s go time. I can take action with confidence, my wings lifted by my inner courage.

A Dream

Writing this I am remembering a dream I had many years ago at a very trying time in my life. I was in the midst of a divorce, short of financial resources, and setting up a new home. This dream was very vivid, while i was dreaming I was also aware that I was dreaming - one of those “talking to myself” moments in a dream.

The caverns were dark, lit only by a few candles. The rock was cold, the air was damp and the sand was covering but my feet were cold. Walking slowly i saw what seemed a crossing point a short distance in front of me.

There was a giant split I was walking alongside on this path. There was no bottom that I saw, just pitch black, no telling how deep it was to the bottom. On the other side of the gorge was a path but I could not access its width as it was too dark.

I just kept walking and listening trying to figure how the best direction to go, There was not a sound except my breathing and the crunching of my feet on the sand path.

Advancing around a turn in the path, I saw a bright enclave ahead but it was on the other side of the chasm. I walked until I was standing directly across from it. This looked more like and entrance to something not merely a place of light. I could see some stone steps partly covered in heaps of sand.

The light was subdued but glowing and it was something between white and golden in color, unlike any sunlight I had ever seen.

I wanted to get closer but there was no way across. How was I going to get over there?

What ensued in my dream was a whole lot of consternation and Self conversations, including the understanding with myself that this was a dream.

From somewhere popped the idea to walk across the fissure. The issue was that there was no bridge or crossing point visible, as far as I could in either direction.

And what followed was a strong and steady inner voice, one I had not heard as distinctly as this - ever before. All it said was, “Step forward, one step.”

Over and over again, the phrase repeated very gently and reassuringly, until the rest of the chatter in my mind became background noise at much lower decibels.

Without knowing why, I took a step into the darkness directly across from the cave. The light there seems to be beckoning me. There I was, looking down at the velvet darkness of the gorge, I was literally standing on air.

The feelings and emotions running through me, i just have no words to capture them.

A cross between high anxiety, liquid euphoria, and raw chilled fear.

About halfway across I had a trying moment with myself where I rolled over in my bed, still asleep, but knowing full well I was dreaming something extraordinary.

I did successfully get to the other side and walked to the steps. In that dream session I did not open the doors.

As I sat up in bed, my heart was pounding with elation recognizing I had just walked across a gorge with no bridge.

Self Discovery

Dreams provide material to contemplate.

That dream I have described was my introduction to many new aspects of my life, including the world of dreaming.

I share it here to illustrate clarity. I was in full clarity mode when I took that first step into the gorge.

It goes without saying, I was also in full faith mode taking that step. Sometimes clarity and faith go hand in hand, there are some blurred distinctions there that don’t seem to warrant engaging the thinking process - more important to savor the moment to move forward in life.

Life is unique for each of us since we are sentient beings.

The key is we jest have to arouse our ability to recognize the messages and signs being provided to us through our God aspect.


My dream is full of meaning and signs.

Just like your journey and your dreams are full of meaning and signs.

Three muscles one has to develop and exercise to fuel self-discovery; to have a conscious lifestyle, are affirmations, breathing, and intentions.

Having an affirmation that I can repeat silently to myself boosts my inner courage and confidence and brings my attention to a focus point I chose. When I am repeating my affirmation, i am not thinking about what was distributing me, distracting me, or disrupting my intentions.

Putting my attention of taking deep breaths slows down my mind and enables me to regain the reigns go my attention span.

Having an intention before taking action builds the understanding that I control my life. With an intention through each activity I take, I am telling myself that this is the outcome I desire.

If you are new to affirmations, breathing and intentions don't begin by thinking you will have immediate results. Inner work is similar to learning how to ride a bike, it takes time to get better and better.

However, with consistent practice, you will begin observing results sooner rather than later.

Wishing you the very best.

Steu Mann
October 21, 2023

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